Little House Books Set (Laura Ingalls Wilder)

Boxed set of nine Laura Ingalls Wilder books for one price. The books included are Little House in the Big Woods, Farmer Boy, Little House on the Prairie, On the Banks of Plum Creek, By the Shores of Silver Lake, … Read More

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The Bravest Dog Ever: The True Story of Balto

Balto leads the dogsled team that is carrying medicine for very sick children. Will he make it through the blizzard in time? A true story for beginning readers. Full-color illustrations. Ages 7-10. Paperback; 48 pages.

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Father to Nobody’s Children

The story of the life and work of Thomas J Barnardo. As a young medical student, he began a ministry to the poor homeless children of London’s East Side. Because of his life’s work, many children were rescued from the … Read More

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Soun Tetoken Nez Perce Boy Tames a Stallion

This is a story of a young Nez Perce who found a coyote pup and inherited a wonderful stallion. It is about growing up and becoming a man. But it is also the sad story of the running war the … Read More

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The Biggest Bear

Little Johnny Orchard wants a bearskin to put up on the wall of the barn. But when he goes hunting, he finds a little bear cub instead of a big bear to shoot. The cub becomes a pet with a … Read More

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Steamboat Rock

Amish Frontier Series, Book 6. The Yoders move to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in the shadow of World War II. Will the boys be drafted? In all of the uncertainty, they take an inspiration from the Psalms: “The Lord is my … Read More

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Paradise Valley

Amish Frontier Series, Book 4. When education laws begin to make life difficult, some Amish fathers take a stand. Facing persecution, a decision is made to move to Mexico. Pioneering is not easy, and difficulties with the new government and … Read More

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I Survived: The Japanese Tsunami

Ben is visiting his dad’s hometown in Japan four months after his father’s death. One morning his heartache turns to fear: first, a massive earthquake rattles the quiet coastal village, nearly toppling his uncle’s house. Then the ocean waters rise … Read More

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The Finest Hours

Michael J. Tougias and Casey Sherman. During one of the worst nor’easters New England has ever seen, two oil tankers are broken in half, stranding the men onboard. Wild waves up to seventy feet high pummel the damaged ships. The … Read More

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Where the Red Fern Grows

Wilson Rawls. A heart touching tale of a boy, his two hunting dogs, and their adventures, love, and friendship. Proofreaders’ note: Beware of some swear words and a thread of heroism.

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