The Pig under the Pew

Three mischievous boys, an equally mischievous little pig, a little girl wandering where she shouldn’t – these all combine to give the church caretaker a lot of trouble, especially since he was already grumpy over his missing glasses. But then … Read More

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The Bronze Bow

Elizabeth George Speare. An eighteen year old Jewish boy with a fierce hatred for the Romans gradually mellows as he meets and hears Jesus. 254 pages; paperback.

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Carry On, Mr. Bowditch

Jean Lee Lathem. Blessed with a brilliant mind and a patient determination, young Nat grows up to become a successful navigator and mathematician.

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Logan Pryce Makes a Mess

Grace Gilmore. Tales from Maple Ridge Series, Book 1. The Pryce family lives happily on their own farm. Eight-year-old Logan has his own “Fix-It Shop” in a stall in the barn. One sad day Dad tells them he must get … Read More

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Home on the Blue Ridge

Pablo Yoder. This book continues the story begun in Home on the Rock Pile. The Yoders begin operating Faith Mission Home for disabled children. Read about fishing for trout, fussing with siblings, and searching for lost Rosie. A good book … Read More

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Friend Penn

Rebecca Newswanger. This short book with colorful pictures helps children visualize the story of William Penn, Jr. Against his wealthy father’s wishes, he joined the plain and simple Quakers. After his father’s death, Penn used his inheritance to acquire land … Read More

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Blaze Finds the Trail

C. W. Anderson. Billy and his pony Blaze set out to explore an old woodland road that goes deep into the forest. But when a large fallen tree blocks their way, they head off of the trail and end up … Read More

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Blaze and Thunderbolt

C. W. Anderson. Billy and his pony Blaze head out to the western ranch country for a vacation. There they learn about Thunderbolt, a fast, elusive wild horse. Cowboys cannot catch Thunderbolt, but with a kind and gentle approach, Blaze … Read More

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Blind Martha

Velina Showalter. When Martha is two years old, the doctor breaks the news that she will someday become blind. Follow Martha as she goes through school, finds a job, and rides a bike to work. Although Martha eventually becomes completely … Read More

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Hoover Dam

Elizabeth Mann. This is the story of taming the wild Colorado River and the construction of the mighty Hoover Dam. The years of planning, dangerous working conditions, and details of how the dam was built are all explained in interesting … Read More

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