Praises for Children

A collection of songs for children that praise and teach. There are 152 songs plus 17 music exercises. Paper; Elmina Yoder.

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Fireside Songs

Compiled by Mrs. Lawrence Good. A collection of songs suitable for schools, youth, and general occasions. 114 songs; paper; PrairieView Press.

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Wildwood School Melodies

Compiled by Dorothy Good, this is a collection of songs well suited for use in schools. Quite a few rounds are included. 130 songs; paper; PrairieView Press.

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Classroom Chorus Time

Mildred Friesen. A collection of children’s songs, some written especially for use in school. 71 songs; paper; Friesen.

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Golden School Days

A collection of songs sung in schools when our parents were children. Includes several songs for graduation and numerous state songs. 58 songs; paper; Koehn.

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