Anchored in Love

39 songs written by Valerie Boese and Dorothy Good as well as several other selections; paper.

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29 songs; paper; United Music Publishing.

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Praise and Honor (His Majesty)

Compiled by Linda Unruh. 58 songs from multiple composers. Paper.

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Songs of Love, Mercy, and Grace

A collection of songs by Stephanie Unruh, Joann Brandt, Cindy Koehn, Margaret Penner Toews, and others. 38 songs; 48 pages; paper; Joseph Music Publishers.

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All for Jesus

Forty-three songs, nearly all composed by Valerie Boese. Paperback.

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Sing Praises

This is a book of selected songs and favorite old hymns. The hymns in this book were chosen because of their deep messages and lovely tunes. 218 songs; hardcover.

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Beside Still Waters

Thirty-eight songs, most of which were composed by Vangi Millsap. 64 pages; paper; Millsap.

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Faithful: Songs of Inspiration and Praise

53 songs by a variety of song writers and composers. 128 pages; paperback; Tennessee Music and Printing.

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In the Shadow of the Cross

A collection of songs by Faylene Wiebe containing 27 songs of inspiration. 56 pages; paper; Wiebe.

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