Best of Southern Gospel, hardcover

570 songs. The youth of the 1960s and 1970s may easily recall lively evenings singing the songs found in this book. Hardcover.

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Classic Gospel Hymns HC

320 songs; Taylor Publications.

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Songs for Worship and Praise

A blend of hymns from Songs of Faith and Praise and praise songs found in the Praise Hymnal with a few additional selections not usually found in other hymnals. 1007 songs; hardcover; Taylor Publications.

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Lead Kindly Light

A collection of 65 favorite songs an old classics selected by Michela Toews. This book is intended for special singing such as Wednesday evenings and for singing in nursing homes. Songs include “Beyond the Sunset,” “In the Garden,” “It’s Bound … Read More

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You’ve Forgotten about Egypt

A songbook from Michela Toews and Yolanda Damen. 32 songs.

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Anchored in Love

39 songs written by Valerie Boese and Dorothy Good as well as several other selections; paper.

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29 songs; paper; United Music Publishing.

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Praise and Honor (His Majesty)

Compiled by Linda Unruh. 58 songs from multiple composers. Paper.

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Songs of Love, Mercy, and Grace

A collection of songs by Stephanie Unruh, Joann Brandt, Cindy Koehn, Margaret Penner Toews, and others. 38 songs; 48 pages; paper; Joseph Music Publishers.

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