Hidden Riches

Experience the agony of a Swisser family as they move to the New World after the unexpected death of their father. A story of hardship and Providence, of the harsh realities of life in the 1700s, and the kindness of … Read More

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Broken People, Transforming Grace

Written by the author of The Calvary Road and Our Nearest Kinsman. This book speaks of good news for bad people. In each chapter, a word or phrase central to the gospel message is explored and explained, such as grace, … Read More

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The Shadow of the Cross (bilingual)

A book describing many of the types and shadows from the Old Testament which teach us about Christ and the New Testament. This book was written to show the marvelous design of the Bible and that only God could have … Read More

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The Day Christ Died

This simple, direct account of Jesus’s last hours traces the route that led from Gethsemane to a windswept hill called Golgotha. Bishop’s meticulous research has uncovered many little-known facts that help the reader appreciate more deeply what Christ suffered. Paperback; … Read More

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Heart Throbs of Motherhood

Directly out of the hearts of many mothers flow the thoughts in this book. Poems, essays, and incidents shared by Christian mothers will inspire as you read these uplifting thoughts on the everyday challenges of motherhood. 190 pages, paperback.

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Dangerous Journey – The Story of Pilgrim’s Progress

This book excerpts original text from John Bunyan’s narrative in The Pilgrim’s Progress and pairs it with captivating illustrations to portray Christian’s journey to the Celestial City. Hardcover; 126 pages.

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Father to Nobody’s Children

The story of the life and work of Thomas J Barnardo. As a young medical student, he began a ministry to the poor homeless children of London’s East Side. Because of his life’s work, many children were rescued from the … Read More

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Have You Considered

This book explores the creation through science and the Word of God. For each day of the year, there is a short devotional with scripture references and some very interesting scientific facts. Topics include biology, geology, genetics, and history. Written … Read More

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Pursuing Peace in the Church and Community

This is a thought-provoking little booklet written in practical terms. It is based on Scripture. Read this for help in growing in grace and peace toward all men and especially among the church family. This booklet could be used for … Read More

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I Will Die Free

In 1962, a young preacher in Cuba named Alexander Noble was falsely accused of conspiracy to assassinate the Communist dictator Fidel Castro. He was arrested and spent the next twenty-two years in prison, enduring terrible conditions and endless torture. Noble … Read More

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