Footprints in the Ash

In the early morning hours of May 18, 1980, the pristine scenery around Washington’s Mount St. Helens was shattered by a powerful explosion that devastated its north slope. In the aftermath, amid the rivers of mud, blankets of ash, and eerie … Read More

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The Work of His Hands

This beautiful book is packed with clear, close-up pictures of plant and animal life in Central and South America. This interesting book describes how the Creator made each living thing with what it needs to survive in its environment.

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The Finest Hours

Michael J. Tougias and Casey Sherman. During one of the worst nor’easters New England has ever seen, two oil tankers are broken in half, stranding the men onboard. Wild waves up to seventy feet high pummel the damaged ships. The … Read More

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The Bible or the Axe

William O. Levi. “Your enemy will come. Will you choose the Bible or the axe to defend yourself?” Young William was asked this question at the time of his baptism in South Sudan. Life is very difficult after the Muslim … Read More

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Engaging with Muslims: Understanding Their World

John Klaasen. Do you desire to present the gospel to people of Muslim background but do not know how to approach them? This little book is designed to help you understand more about the Muslim religion and their culture. A … Read More

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Journey Through the Ark Encounter

This book is an overview of the Ark Encounter exhibit in Williamstown, Kentucky. It will be of interest to people who have been there or are planning to go soon. This well-illustrated book shows how it could have been during … Read More

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Grace and Healing for Wounded Souls

Greg Dyck and Christian Peace Ministries. The comfort and healing that comes from the loving Healer and Father, the God of Heaven, is offered in six psalms that have been paraphrased. Written to support the efforts of Christian Peace Ministries … Read More

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Faithful at Fifty

What do you expect as you near the age of fifty? Are you wistfully looking over your shoulder at what used to be? Or are you looking forward with anticipation? “Faithful at Fifty” speaks to mothers, mothers-in-law, grandmothers, single women-to … Read More

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How Can Anyone Say God Is Good

Using a true-to-life story about a man named Nick, the author probes questions many people have about God. Nick wonders how anyone can say that God is good if sickness, suffering, and broken relationships exist. He sees how people who … Read More

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The Bible Promise Book

A collection of “Promise” Bible verses arranged by topic. Examples include Fear, Hospitality, Poverty, Envy and others. Paperback; 169 pages.

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