Journey to Joy

As a young girl, Galina Timofeyevna experiences the devastation of a famine in Ukraine and the difficulties caused by the Communist government. Then comes war, terror, and senseless violence. Follow Galina through the joys and sorrows of the years. She … Read More

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In the Flame of Russia’s Revolution

N. I. Saloff-Astakhoff. This book is a reprint of an old book first printed in 1931. It is reprinted with the desire to keep alive the knowledge of the persecution the Christians faced in Russia’s revolution in 1917-1926. This book … Read More

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In the Beginning (KJV)

Alister McGrath. A fascinating and informative story of the translation of the King James Version of the Bible. This book is a valuable source of information about the Bible we use. 338 pages; paper; Anchor Books.

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In Him We Live

Rachel Regehr Unruh. In August 1977, Lawrence and Rachel Unruh began their first term as missionaries in Leyte, Philippines. Rachel’s journals were written in the form of letters to family and friends. This book portrays daily living in another country … Read More

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How I Know God Answers Prayer

Rosalind Goforth. The author and her husband, pioneer missionaries to China, saw the mighty hand of God stoop to their fervent desires and pleadings. Time after time they were forced to their knees, faced with a desperate need or a … Read More

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His Truth Is Marching On

Ralph Woodrow. Takes a close look at the history of prophetic date setting and explores certain “future or fulfilled” questions regarding the coming of Elijah, the 144,000, Joel’s prophecy, and more. The chapters, “The Kingdom of God–Present or Postponed?” and … Read More

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Hey, Peachey!

Willie Peachey. This writing is Willie’s account of his experience as a conscientious objector serving his years of 1W service from 1968 to 1970. He was assigned to work with a man who had been a Nazi soldier, had seen … Read More

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Vera the King’s Daughter

Harvey Yoder. Vera’s early life was miserable indeed. Childhood abuse, poverty, a crippling accident, despair and loneliness all against her. And then there were the unanswered questions for which the religion of her people had no real answers. Read this … Read More

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Harvey Yoder. This book contains many accounts of the survivors of the devastating tsunami that struck Indonesia and surrounding countries on December 26, 2004. Most of the stories are about Christians who endured the disaster, or of those who became … Read More

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Great Prophecies of the Bible

Ralph Woodrow. Deals with four major areas of prophecy that are subject to controversy: the second coming of Christ, Matthew 24, the seventy weeks, and the antichrist. Woodrow uses both the Scriptures and history to chart his course through the … Read More

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