Getting Along with People God’s Way

John Coblentz. We all have relationships with other people?but of what sort are they? Are these relationships satisfying or empty, superficial or deep? Is there a trail of conflict? Do our relationships matter to God? Boundaries are lines of respect; … Read More

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Faith of Our Fathers on Eschatology

Ira D. Landis. This book has been reprinted from the original work which was first published in 1946. It sets forth a position relating to Christ’s second coming that we feel is scriptural and sound and seeks to disprove unscriptural … Read More

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Experiences of Healing in Times of Grief

Compiled by Frances Friesen. Dedicated to those who have experienced the death of a loved one, this book is intended to comfort grieving persons and help others understand the reality of the loss. The accounts related in this book reveal … Read More

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A Collection of Poems

Glenn Litwiller. These poems are a clear, well-written testimony of Min. Glenn Litwiller’s convictions and are timely and inspiring. 32 pages; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life

Hannah Whitall Smith. Not a hastily written essay on how to be successful and popular, but a book of truth as the author found it when she took the Bible’s promises literally, applied them to her life, and found them … Read More

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Changed: An Apocalyptic Story

Bill Wesenberg. The day of the end of the world has come, and we are on the wrong side. Others are being taken to heaven, while we are left behind. Based upon the Word of God, the author holds before … Read More

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Beyond the Veil

Donald and Aleene Koehn. A book of memories and inspirations from the authors’ many years of mission work in Africa. This book offers a look at the beginnings and growth of the church in Nigeria and includes accounts about other … Read More

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Beauty for Ashes

John Coblentz. Practical and biblical help for those who have suffered sexual abuse. Some of their sufferings are explained, as well as the lasting emotions they deal with. A step-by-step approach is used, with exercises for the abused one to … Read More

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Barriers to Happiness and Victory

Arverd Wiggers. This little book was written out of a desire to help those who are struggling to find the lasting happiness and contentment that God has in store for His children. The author draws from his own experience and … Read More

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As the Hart Panteth

Elo Bowman. This is a good collection of inspirational poems, one for each day of the year. Topics vary widely and include spiritual themes, family fun, nature, stories that teach a lesson, etc. 399 pages; paper; Vineyard Publications.

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