Doctrine Class Studies

This book is designed to be used for doctrine classes with the youth, converts of any age, or the congregation. Each lesson has a short introduction, a list of foundational scriptures, space for notes, and questions suited for discussion with … Read More

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Inspirational Bible Principles

In this book, Gladwin explores thirteen subjects important for a sound spiritual life in Christ. Chapter titles include “The Power of Love’s Motive,” “The Inner and Outer Evidences of Salvation,” “The Jacob Man and the Esau Man,” and “Not Conformed but Translated.” Many Bible accounts are used as illustrations of these concepts. This book is suitable for all ages. 156 pages; paperback.

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Marcher sur le chemin du Seigneur

This Bible study book contains eighteen lessons for intermediates designed to help the students understand that Christian life is a highway through this world. The lessons cover topics such as accepting yourself, respecting others, working willingly, fleeing youthful lusts, being … Read More

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Ne Studierunk en de Christliche Lia

A Study in Christian Doctrine – Plautdietsch. 64 pages; paperback.

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Nouvo Testaman ak Sòm yo – Creole New Testament and Psalms

Nouvo Testaman an ak Sòm yo – (New Testament and Psalms) 2022 edition. Paperback. 384 pages.

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A Course in Bible Study

A course of instruction in Christian doctrine written for intermediate or early-youth students. In three parts: The Christian Faith, The Christian Life, and The Christian Church. Eight lessons in each section. 125 pages; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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Banners of Joy Volume 2

The majority of the songs in Volume 1 and 2 are in trio arrangement, and the remainder have four-part harmony. Volume 3 also contains numerous duet songs. Paper with spiral binding. Banners of Joy Volume 2 – 69 songs.

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Bible Doctrine and Practice

An exposition of the doctrines of the Bible as believed and practiced by the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite. It clearly explains all the major tenets of our faith, and refers often to the Scriptures and other historical doctrinal … Read More

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Christian Home Cookbook

This cookbook was compiled by ladies of the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite. It has proven very popular and successful, now in its eleventh printing! Eighteen sections have recipes for all occasions and for all needs, from beverages to … Read More

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Christian Hymnal

A collection of hymns and sacred songs suitable for use in public worship, in the home, evangelistic services, and general occasions. Now in the 31st printing. 657 songs; hardcover; Gospel Publishers.

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