Discoveries in Song B2 (Grades 3&4)

Discoveries in Song, B2 is a music instruction book of 28 lessons aimed at third and fourth-grade students with a focus on harmony. Full color; coil bound; 117 pages. Guiding Light Publishers. — Note: The Teacher Guide, the Discoveries songbook, and the B Series Flashcard Packet are integral components of this course. A digital download with the reinforcement songs can also be purchased.

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Discoveries in Song B2, Teacher Edition

Teacher Guide for Discoveries in Song, B2. The course contains twenty-eight lessons aimed at 3rd & 4th-grade students, with a focus on harmony. This teacher’s guide has clear instructions for beginning music teachers. It contains reduced copies of student pages with corresponding instructions as well as word-for-word scripting which the teacher can read directly to the students. Following this guide closely helps ensure success in teaching this course. Full color; coil bound; 150 pages.

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Discoveries Songbook – Companion songs for B1 & B2

Supplemental songbook to Discoveries in Song Book B1 and Discoveries in Song Book B2. Includes the reinforcement songs listed in the teacher guides. 107 songs, laminated paper cover, coil-bound. [A digital download with the reinforcement songs can be purchased separately.]

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Discovering My Place

Most new brides crave a vibrant marriage that remains unruffled despite the storms of life, but some will find themselves on a path of disappointment. The author set out to find the answers to lasting love, and as she studied, talked, and prayed, she discovered a place where surrender leads to grace, and grace leads to joy. A devotional book for women.

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El Tacontento

A collection of recipes from Mexico. This cookbook is in Spanish. Approx 200 recipes, 156 pages, coil-bound.

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Fields of Zion

This sequel to “Hills of Zion” continues the story of Perci, Marie and their companions. While the Albigensian Crusade rages in France, the Waldensians of Switzerland live quietly and conscientiously, unaware that the Pope and his armies are searching for their mountain hideaway. Meanwhile, sympathizers within the Catholic church are working behind the scene to rescue the “heretics,” but struggling with their own position during a period of persecution.
In this work of historical fiction, we gain understanding of the challenges believers faced during the 13th century and the reader is led to reflect, “am I keeping the faith today?” Paperback; 287 pages.

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Flowers for Grandma and Other Stories

A collection of stories for small children based on true happenings. The stories teach obedience, prayer, kindness, and good character. 112 pages; paperback.

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Forever with the Lord

What would it be like to be an Anabaptist? Ursula is full of questions. Yet she sees the joy that is evident in the lives of her sister and her sister’s husband. How can she know what is right? In this interesting work of historical fiction, we get a glimpse into the story of Michael Sattler and the Anabaptists of his time. 172 pages; paperback; TGS International.

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George Müller: The Guardian of Bristol’s Orphans

George Muller was an unhappy, rebellious youth, but was converted to Christianity before he married. After marriage, he opened his home to hungry orphans despite scarcely having enough to feed himself. With God providing for them, the Müller house became known as the “Breakfast Club” for thirty orphans. Eventually, he would give homes to over ten thousand children.

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German-English Bible, Hardcover

A parallel Bible containing the Old and New Testaments in English and German. The Authorized King James 1611 is on the left page and German Martin Luther Stuttgart 1912 text on the right page. The German text is in old-style Gothic script. Center references, ribbon marker, black letter only. Includes an English-only concordance as well as Bible maps and helps section. Leather, with thumb-index. Page size is 6 x 9; thickness is 2 1/8 in.

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