Light Side Dark Side

Shari Beth cared for everybody she met in Haiti, from those whose wounds she bandaged to the souls trapped in Satan worship. This book opens a window into Haitian culture and shows the contrast between God’s power and the power of darkness.

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Living in the World

The author, Ronald C. Jantz, is Librarian Emeritus at Rutger’s University with family ties to the Holdeman Mennonite group. Part 1 of this book reviews the Anabaptist faith since the sixteenth century. Part 2 focuses on the Holdeman Mennonite faith … Read More

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Merriam-Webster Dictionary, paperback, desk size

A compact dictionary suitable for students to keep in their desk at school. More than 75,000 definitions. 927 pages; paperback; Merriam-Webster Inc

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Moscow Express and Other Stories from Russia

Moscow Express is the last book written by Georgi Vins before he succumbed to the inoperable tumor that took his life. The manuscript was finished on his deathbed. These true stories, essays, and letters from the author and his fellow countrymen leave a beautiful testimony of courage, faith, and the saving power of Jesus Christ in Communist Russia.

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Nelson Gift & Award Bible

An inexpensive Bible suitable for bulk distribution. Words of Christ in red, Full-color maps, Miracles and Parables of Jesus. Imitation leather binding. Page size is 8 1/2 x 5 3/8; thickness is 7/8 in.

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Nouvo Testaman ak Sòm yo – Creole New Testament and Psalms

Nouvo Testaman an ak Sòm yo – (New Testament and Psalms) 2022 edition. Paperback. 384 pages.

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Revised Thompson Chain Handy Size, Burgandy Leathersoft

Revised 2022 Edition Comfort Print offers an easier reading experience. Features the chain-reference system with more than 100,000 references. Readers familier with the previous edition of the Thompson Chain should be aware this edition has a new page layout and verses will not appear on the same place on the page as the old edition. The width-to-length size is also different from the old edition. Two ribbons. 8-point type. Page size is 8 1/2 x 5 3/8; thickness is 1 3/16 in. Burgandy Leathersoft.

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Rugged Trails and Ragged Shoes

The summer of 1926 became the first of ten Lora spent in West Virginia. A pioneer in children’s Bible school ministry, she prepared her own lessons and drew her own pictures. Between classes she ministered to women and children in the community. “You don’t lose by sacrifice,” she said. Lora’s life of service for the kingdom was an inspiration to many who knew her. 401 pages; paperback.

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Spice Thyme

Compiled by Aneta Wiebe and Angela Amstutz. Do you ever wish you knew more about cardamom and fennel and tarragon and lemon pepper, and how should they be used? This cookbook has over 600 recipes from cooks around the world. There are also essays with information on growing, harvesting, and drying herbs, as well as making your own spice blends. 592 pages; hardcover, with plastic coilbinding.

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Storm Song

As World War II rages on, 1943 is a difficult year for the Yoder family. How should Elam, a conscientious objector, act when he boards a train full of sneering soldiers? Why does Father end up in prison? Thankfully, all things are in God’s power. Book seven in the Amish Frontier Series.

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