Fannie E. Newberry. Jack, a homeless shoeshine boy, lives in the city of Chicago. He is befriended by a well-to-do gentleman and his nephew. After some months with them, he is unjustly accused of stealing a valuable ring. In despair, … Read More

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The Child for Christ

Compiled by Alice Hitchcock. This book is a ­reprint of an earlier publication. There are 26 stories to help children become a child for Christ. 100 pages; paper; PrairieView Press. 11301.

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Camp Raiders and Other Old-Time Stories

Mary Elizabeth Yoder. A collection of old-time stories for children. Many of these interesting stories are based on actual happenings. A book that will be enjoyed by all at story time. 167 pages; paper; Maple Leaf Books.

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Big Mutt

John Reese. Dwight knows only one dog could have made the enormous prints around the carcass of the slaughtered sheep. One by one, the animals they depend on for their livelihood are being killed, and the county is in an … Read More

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The Bible in the Wall

H. J. D. The true story of a man repeatedly rejecting the Bible. God saw fit to bring this same copy of the Bible before him again and again, until he was willing to hear the Word of God and … Read More

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Behind Mr. Bunyan

Agnes Beaumont. Agnes, a young girl, tells the story of her growing faith as she attends John Bunyan’s church. At the same time, she faces opposition from her own family. She is willing to take a stand for Christ, though … Read More

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Anak, the Eskimo Boy

Piet Prins. Anak and his family live near the Coronation Gulf. He experiences both adventure and danger as he learns to hunt seals, caribou, and walrus. As he confronts the challenges of Eskimo life, including accidentally drifting out to sea … Read More

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Teddy’s Button

Amy Le Feuvre. The story of a little boy who wants to be a soldier like his father. Teddy’s most prized possession is a button from his father’s uniform. His pride and inclination for mischief create a conflict when he … Read More

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Probable Sons

Amy Le Feuvre. When orphaned Milly comes to live with her uncle, confirmed bachelor Sir Edward, his life is changed. As she entertains him with Bible stories, he becomes very attached to her and eventually is ready to admit that … Read More

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Me & Nobbles

Amy Le Feuvre. Bobby, the main character in this book, is raised without Mother or Father. His imaginary friend Nobbles, whom he talks to as a real person, is often his only comfort. This book tells the story of Bobby’s … Read More

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