Special Male Chorus Selections

Compiled and published by Nancy Huber. 351 songs arranged for men. Approximately 200 of these songs are from old, out of print books such as Coleman’s Songs for Men, Gospel Quartets, New Gospel Quartets, Quartets for Men, Modern Quartets for … Read More

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Victory Voices No. 2

Robert D. Toews. 47 songs; paper; Toews.

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Carols of Praise

Songs by Geraldine Koehn, Vivian Koehn, Darrell Koehn, Cindy Koehn, Larry Ensz, and Dwonn Ratzlaff. 23 songs; paper with spiral binding; Koehn.

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Melodies for the Master

A book of 17 songs by Cindy Koehn, with help from others. Paperback.

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I Sing My Praise to You

Thirty-four songs, most were composed and published by Robyn Wedel and Valerie Unruh. Several of these songs have been in circulation previously and have been well accepted. This book presents an inspirational collection sure to be appreciated by all ages. … Read More

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Our Hymns of Praise

OUT OF STOCK. A collection of 226 songs and choruses for children with a focus on using these songs to help teach music in school. This book is referred to extensively in the Music Teacher’s Guide. This book could also … Read More

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Pitch Pipe or Master Key Pitch Pipe, Key of F

Kratt. Scale F to F. Note: This item may not be sent via the economy shipping method.

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Later On

The songs in this book were written over the past 60 years. Some have been previously published in Precious Promises and Fireside Songs while others are published here for the first time. Several songs are accompanied with the “story” behind their inspiration. (Additional background to some of these is in the book “Wide Open Road” by John R Toews.) Paperback.

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