Somewhere in the Skies

Trevor Toews. 48 pages; paper; Toews.

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Song Index CD (2017)

Enter the title of a song or some words from the first line to find the songbooks with the nearest match. The 2017 version contains about 32,458 entries from almost 714 songbooks. The Song Index 2017 program will install on … Read More

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Songs of the Soul

29 songs; paper.

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Songs of the Soul II

28 songs; paper.

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Songs of the Soul III

28 songs; paper.

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The Lord Doth Reign

30 songs by Evan Kramer and Tim Coblentz. 60 pages; paper; Kramer.

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Voyages Songbook – Companion Songs for D1 & D2

Supplemental songbook to Voyages in Song Book D1 and Voyages in Song Book D2. Includes the reinforcement songs listed in the teacher guides. 288 songs, laminated paper cover, coil-bound. [A digital download with the reinforcement songs can be purchased separately.] … Read More

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Wings of Song

A collection of 31 songs. Most were composed by Jeremy Regehr and Julie Isaac, with several songs written by others. 48 pages; paper; Regehr.

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Gleanings Book 2

Compiled by Mildred Friesen, this book contains 37 songs written by Mildred Friesen, Brian James, Laura Isaac, and Marion Isaac. 37 songs.

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Quiero Cantar

Thirty Spanish songs, previously unpublished, and not translated from English songs.

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