Be Glad and Sing

Compiled by the publishers of the Christian Hymnary. This book contains simple songs for children and youth. All are old songs; some are familiar. A few of the titles: “Thou Wilt Keep Him in Perfect Peace,” “I Often Think of … Read More

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Song Index 4, 2017 supplement

The 2017 Song Index supplement includes indexes for 47 songbooks. A topical index is included. 91 pages; coil-bound. Published by Clint and Gaylene Koehn.

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Song Index 2020 on CD

Enter the title of a song or some words from the first line to find the songbooks with the nearest match. The 2020 version contains about 32,450 entries from 714 songbooks. The Song Index 2020 program will install on the … Read More

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The Star of Bethlehem (songbook)

First published in 1889 by Ruebush, Kieffer & Co. Publishers, this songbook was republished in 1969 with revisions by John C. Rhodes and Joseph G. Beery. It contains some familiar hymns and tunes and some very old. The front of … Read More

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Come to the Garden

The second edition of Come to the Garden retains 28 of the original 30 songs found in the first edition. Nine new songs have been added for a total of 37. The new songs are found on pp. 42-44, 62-63, … Read More

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Echoes of Triumph 8

46 songs, many based on Bible verses, a Bible story, or Bible verses set to music.

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Echoes of Triumph 9

52 songs by Elizabeth Drudge.

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Praise and Practice

A book of 338 short music drills and practices that aim for basic mastery of musical notation and vocal control. Drills range from simple scale practice to more complex chord exercises. Rhythm and accidental practices are included as well. This … Read More

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Praises to His Name

A book of 14 songs by Jean Ensz, Luella Toews, and others. Paperback.

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Daybreak, Volume I

Compiled by Gina Ensz, Les Dirks, Loren Burns, and Rudy Bueckert. Thirty-five songs from twenty-nine authors. Paperback; Daybreak Music Publishers.

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