Tornado! Up from the Debris to Thank God

Compiled by Eric and Fern Unruh. Personal accounts of the tornado at Greensburg, Kansas, on May 4, 2007. Included are stories from brethren, neighbors, and friends from the Greensburg community, storm-chasers, those involved in the initial emergency response, as well … Read More

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Praise and Honor (His Majesty)

Compiled by Linda Unruh. 58 songs from multiple composers. Paper.

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Heart Sister Favorites

A collection of recipes by Gallup Heart Sisters. This book has been in print for several years and is now available from Gospel Publishers. 256 pages; hardcover, 3-ring binder; Sandi Unruh. OUT OF PRINT.

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Songs of Love, Mercy, and Grace

A collection of songs by Stephanie Unruh, Joann Brandt, Cindy Koehn, Margaret Penner Toews, and others. 38 songs; 48 pages; paper; Joseph Music Publishers.

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All for Jesus

Forty-three songs, nearly all composed by Valerie Boese. Paperback.

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Sing Praises

This is a book of selected songs and favorite old hymns. The hymns in this book were chosen because of their deep messages and lovely tunes. 218 songs; hardcover.

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Beside Still Waters

Thirty-eight songs, most of which were composed by Vangi Millsap. 64 pages; paper; Millsap.

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Faithful: Songs of Inspiration and Praise

53 songs by a variety of song writers and composers. 128 pages; paperback; Tennessee Music and Printing.

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In the Shadow of the Cross

A collection of songs by Faylene Wiebe containing 27 songs of inspiration. 56 pages; paper; Wiebe.

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Our Valleys Exalted

The author experienced leukemia firsthand. She shares how God brought blessings and unexpected closeness with Him, through suffering. This is a collection of similar experiences, inspirational quotes, poems, and passages of song designed to help the sufferer see the goodness … Read More

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