Adventures Songbook – Digital (PDF format) for C1 & C2

Singing School Adventures Songbook is a collection of 189 songs, designed to be a companion songbook to the Adventures in Song music course. This songbook contains the songs for the Vocal Warm-up section along with the Songs for Reinforcement at … Read More

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Voyages Songbook – Digital (PDF format) for D1 & D2

A PDF containing the songs for reinforcement used in Voyages in Song, D1 and D2. 288 songs. Purchase of this e-book allows for the purchaser to possess one digital copy. It is illegal to digitally duplicate this e-book. Printed copies … Read More

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Let It Ring!

A songbook for school use for music class, classroom singing, or singing practice. 54 songs; 72 pages.

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Praises We Sing

Elmina Yoder and Lula Miller. 381 songs; paper; Christian Light Publications.

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Silver Gems in Song

142 songs for children and youth; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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Rounds for Singing

compiled by Geraldine Koehn. A collection ranging from simple, two-part rounds to very challenging ones. There are rounds for practice, rounds to cause chuckles, rounds about nature, and rounds to praise and adore our Maker. 72 pages.

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Voyages Songbook – Companion songs for D1

Companion Songs for D1 Music, Voyages in Song.

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Praises for Children

A collection of songs for children that praise and teach. There are 152 songs plus 17 music exercises. Paper; Elmina Yoder.

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Fireside Songs

Compiled by Mrs. Lawrence Good. A collection of songs suitable for schools, youth, and general occasions. 114 songs; paper; PrairieView Press.

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Wildwood School Melodies

Compiled by Dorothy Good, this is a collection of songs well suited for use in schools. Quite a few rounds are included. 130 songs; paper; PrairieView Press.

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