Wow! This Is Sugarfree

Deborah Steiner and Mary Yoder. This cookbook is not just a cookbook for those on sugar-free diets. It has recipes and hints for you if you are allergic to sugar, dairy products, eggs, or wheat. It also has recipes for … Read More

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Eat No Wheat

A collection of more than 300 gluten-free favorites using ingredients that are commonly available. Created and compiled by Kelli Schrock. Coil bound; Schrock.

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Whatcha Cookin?

A collection of recipes from the Reiferd Nichols family. 332 pages; spiral-bound; Nichols.

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Treasured Traditions

This cookbook is compiled by Michelle Friesen of Glenn, California. Some recipes not found in other cookbooks. Also includes a special section with Mexican recipes. Over 500 recipes in an elegant hardcover ring binder. 222 pages; Friesen.

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Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats is by the compilers of Kitchen Treasures. Those who enjoy ­using Kitchen Treasures will appreciate using additional recipes for the sweet tooth. The sections in this book are desserts, pastries, cakes, cookies, squares, candies and toppings, and diet … Read More

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Supper Smoke, Paper

Ruby A. Seaman. Supper Smoke, with a Dash of Sage offers a wide variety of old and new recipes as well as many Seaman family favorites. Along with the treasured recipes, the author has included family memories, words of wisdom, … Read More

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Panhandle Favorites

Compiled by the Texline Congregation. Recipes for all occasions including sections for outdoor cooking and also canning and freezing. 494 pages; hardcover with 3-ring binder.

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Miller Kitchens

Favorite recipes of the Atlee J. Miller family. 516 recipes; hardcover with ring binder.

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Kum Essa

Favorite recipes collected by the Malva Shetler family. 280 pages of recipes for all occasions. Hardcover 3-ring binder; Shetler.

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Fricke Family Favorites

A collection of recipes from the Samuel and Katherine Fricke family. 222 pages; 3-ring binder; Fricke Family.

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