Friends, Food, and Fellowship

A cookbook compiled by the Dodge City Mennonite Mission. Included are recipes used for basket dinners and snacks after sing-along meetings at Dodge City as well as recipes submitted by those from the community who have attended services over the … Read More

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Carrots, Cukes, and Cabbages: The Vegetable Cookbook

Compiled by LaDean Ezzell and Cheris Koehn. This vegetable-themed cookbook offers fresh ideas for cooking up vegetable dishes for your family and guests. A soup and salad section is included as well as a few main dishes. 152 pages; coil-bound.

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Prairie Range

A recipe collection from the congregation at Fairview, Oklahoma. Over 900 recipes; hardcover with ring binder.

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Miller Kitchens Revisited

Compiled and published by Faith Yoder. Eleven years after the original “Miller Kitchens” was compiled, the family has more favorite recipes to share. These are not found in the original cookbook. 264 pages, hardcover with 3-ring binder.

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Friendship Recipes

Collected recipes of the 1979 youth group at Fredonia, Kansas. This cookbook was out of print for several years and is now in a three-ring binder. 242 pages of recipes. Koehn and Seiler.

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Treasured Traditions

This cookbook is compiled by Michelle Friesen of Glenn, California. Some recipes not found in other cookbooks. Also includes a special section with Mexican recipes. Over 500 recipes in an elegant hardcover ring binder. 222 pages; Friesen.

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Red or Green?

Recipes of the Pecos Valley, from Fort Sumner, New Mexico; this cookbook includes many southwest-style recipes with chili peppers. 112 pages; spiral-bound; Ft. Sumner.

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Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook

compiled by Dawn J. Ranck and Phyllis Pellman Good. Here are more than 800 recipes for delicious meals with your slow cooker. Includes recipes for breakfast, breads, main dishes, desserts, and more. 283 pages; paper; Good Books.

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Feeding the Multitudes

Compiled by Anita Goossen. A collection of recipes suitable for occasions when there is a crowd to feed. Many of these recipes are easily scalable to the size your group. Complete menu ideas are included as well as ingredient equivalent … Read More

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Favorites from Our Table

Recipes collected by the Ben and Clara Goossen family. This cookbook was compiled by Anita Goossen and contains 550 recipes. A section titled “Gifts from the Kitchen” is included at the back of the book and contains ideas and recipes … Read More

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