Hieberts’ Gluten-Free Cooking

195 gluten-free favorites from the George and Betty Hiebert family. Coil bound; Carlisle Press.

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Wow! This Is Sugarfree

Deborah Steiner and Mary Yoder. This cookbook is not just a cookbook for those on sugar-free diets. It has recipes and hints for you if you are allergic to sugar, dairy products, eggs, or wheat. It also has recipes for … Read More

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Cafe au Lait

This is a collection of about 184 recipes – a guide to authentic Haitian food with many cross-cultural recipes made from scratch with simple ingredients. A scrapbook of Haitian culture and everyday living as well as special events is woven into the mix of recipes making this a very captivating read. It is interesting and will appeal the foodie and cookbook collector hidden in you! Full-color throughout. 180 pages; coil-bound.

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The Cooker Lady

Compiled by Deb Unruh. 210 pages of recipes collected by girls who served at Hogan Hozhoni. Plastic coil binding. Unruh.

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Friends, Food, and Fellowship

A cookbook compiled by the Dodge City Mennonite Mission. Included are recipes used for basket dinners and snacks after sing-along meetings at Dodge City as well as recipes submitted by those from the community who have attended services over the … Read More

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South Texas Cookery

A collection of more than 1300 recipes from the congregation at El Campo, Texas. Hardcover with 3-ring binder. 646 pages; El Campo Congregation.

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Carrots, Cukes, and Cabbages: The Vegetable Cookbook

Compiled by LaDean Ezzell and Cheris Koehn. This vegetable-themed cookbook offers fresh ideas for cooking up vegetable dishes for your family and guests. A soup and salad section is included as well as a few main dishes. 152 pages; coil-bound.

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Prairie Range

A recipe collection from the congregation at Fairview, Oklahoma. Over 900 recipes; hardcover with ring binder.

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Miller Kitchens Revisited

Compiled and published by Faith Yoder. Eleven years after the original “Miller Kitchens” was compiled, the family has more favorite recipes to share. These are not found in the original cookbook. 264 pages, hardcover with 3-ring binder.

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Friendship Recipes

Collected recipes of the 1979 youth group at Fredonia, Kansas. This cookbook was out of print for several years and is now in a three-ring binder. 242 pages of recipes. Koehn and Seiler.

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