Home Cookin’: Treasured Recipes

This cookbook with more than 500 recipes has been in print for a number of years and is now available from Gospel Publishers. Recipes from Brazil are found throughout this cookbook. Paperback with comb binding; Carol Schultz.

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Ike and Rosalie Loewen Cookbook

A collection of nearly 700 recipes and memories from the Ike and Rosalie Loewen family. This cookbook includes a comprehensive collection of Brazilian recipes. 454 pages; hardcover with 3-ring binder.

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Adventure in Cooking – Guatemalan Cuisine

A collection of Guatemalan recipes compiled by Teresa Toews de Herrera. Here is your guide to cooking traditional Guatemalan fare! Recipes for appetizers, beverages, soups, salads, vegetables, main dishes, tortillas, breads, and desserts are all included. The recipes use common ingredients and spices. 115 recipes; 48 pages; coil-bound.

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A Taste of Texhoma

A collection of recipes from friends through the years. This cookbook was first printed several years ago and is now available for purchase through Gospel Publishers. 384 pages; hardcover with 3-ring binder.

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Panhandle Favorites

Compiled by the Texline Congregation. Recipes for all occasions including sections for outdoor cooking and also canning and freezing. 494 pages; hardcover with 3-ring binder.

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The Whole Meal Deal

Compiled by Twila Unruh. More than 400 recipes arranged into 135 menus ready to make a complete meal. Most menus contain a main dish, one side, and a dessert. Published by Twila Unruh 279 pages; coil-bound

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Fricke Family Favorites

A collection of recipes from the Samuel and Katherine Fricke family. 222 pages; 3-ring binder; Fricke Family.

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Learning and Creating with Heartland Cooking

Clara Wiens. A collection of some 350 recipes, nicely organized in five sections. Special emphasis is given to the how and why of certain common cooking techniques. 210 pages; paper with plastic coil binding; Wiens.

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Sweetie Pie’s Kitchen

Sweetie Pie’s Kitchen is a collection of more than 650 recipes, diaries and collected quotes from the plain people. Those who enjoy reading cookbooks will want to add this one to their collection. Published by Ray & Malinda Yutzy; spiral … Read More

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