Sandhill Favorites

A collection of recipes by the Lakin Mennonite Sewing Circle. Add this cookbook to your collection and enjoy a variety of proven recipes for all occasions. 278 pages; spiral bound.

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Love Wears an Apron: Menus, Tips & Inspiration

Compiled. “Love Wears an Apron” was designed by moms for moms and provides inspiration for menu planning, children’s job chart ideas, and housekeeping schedules. Throughout the book are cooking tips, inspirational quotes, and bits of humor. A portion of the … Read More

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Family Favorite Keepsakes

A collection of recipes from the Jesse Koehn family, Livingston, California. This book has been in print for many years but is new at Gospel Publishers. 272 pages; coil-bound; Verda M. Koehn.

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Come for Night Lunch

A snack cookbook compiled by Kathy Schultz and Esther Lou Mininger with 350 night lunch recipes. This cookbook offers one of the most extensive collections of snack recipes in one convenient book. Hardcover with comb-binding.

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Smith’s Culinary Classics

Compiled by Monica Martin. Collected recipes from the Howard and Iris Smith family. More than 500 recipes in a coil-bound book. 382 pages.

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Amish Cooking

More than 1,000 recipes taken from Favorite Amish Family Recipes and from the recipe pages of Family Life magazine. 331 pages; hardcover; Pathway

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Heart & Hearth

This book contains over 370 recipes with recipes from different people. There is also some cooking tips and suggestions on where to get ingredients from. this cookbook is set up for missionaries in other countries. There are bread recipes, main … Read More

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Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats is by the compilers of Kitchen Treasures. Those who enjoy ­using Kitchen Treasures will appreciate using additional recipes for the sweet tooth. The sections in this book are desserts, pastries, cakes, cookies, squares, candies and toppings, and diet … Read More

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Cooking with Grandma

THIS ITEM IS OUT OF PRINT. Compiled by Vivian Koehn, this cookbook contains favorites of the Dan Wiggers family. 258 pages of recipes to make any family enjoy mealtime. Plastic coil binding; Koehn.

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Meals Around the World

Compiled by Mary Raber. Often thought of as a cookbook for missionaries, the recipes in this collection also work well for home folks wanting made-from-scratch meals. Recipes from a variety of countries, including Mexico, India, Bangladesh, Russia, and African countries. … Read More

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