Get Set, Ready, and Go!

Vivian Bartel. A cookbook for children. This is a full-color cookbook with simple recipes and clear, easy-to-follow instructions. Recipes include the very simple (how to boil eggs) and the more complicated (cinnamon rolls and French bread). 167 pages; paper with … Read More

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Grandma’s Kitchen – CM Penner Family

Favorite Recipes of the CM Penner family. Three hundred seventy-six pages of recipes for any occasion. Revised 2015 edition. Published by Delbert and Bev Penner; coil-bound.

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Thoughts of Mozambique, Cookbook

Pensamentos de Mocambique. Compiled by Karla Ensz. A mission friendly cookbook, with 598 basic recipes from former missionaries. 290 pages; coil-bound.

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Hearth and Home Cookbook

Compiled by Donna Giesbrecht and Lisa Johnson. Favorite recipes published in Hearth & Home from 2002-2012. A collection of recipes for all occasions. 200 pages; coil bound; Hearth and Home.

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Mennonite Community Cookbook

Mary Emma Showalter. Favorite recipes from hundreds of Mennonite women noted for their excellent cooking. 494 pages; pefect bound; Herald Press.

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Mennonite Country Style Recipes and Kitchen Secrets

Esther Shank collected and perfected good recipes and useful food preparation tips for over 25 years. This is her prized collection of over 1,100 recipes and a legacy of kitchen know-how. 679 pages; paper with plastic coil binding; Herald Press.

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More-with-Less Cookbook

Doris Janzen Longacre with Rachel Marie Stone. More than 500 recipes gathered from Mennonite kitchens on how to eat better and consume less of the world’s limited food resources. This 40th Anniversary Edition includes attractive full-color illustrations throughout. 320 pages; … Read More

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The Pie Lady

In The Pie Lady, Mennonite homemaker Greta Isaac shares stories of family and friends and tells of their qualities, happy times, and sad times to give a view into the kitchens of various pie ladies as they whip up concoctions … Read More

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Friendship Ties and Homemade Pies

Favorite recipes collected by friends from Hydro and Eakly, Oklahoma. Over 700 recipes. Hardcover; 3-ring binder.

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Southern Country II

Southern Country Cookbook was first published in 1990 by the sisters of the Southern Star Mennonite Church, Geiger, Alabama. This new edition blends many new recipes with the treasured favorites of the first book. 296 pages; hardcover with ring binder.

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