The Unruh’s Treasured Recipes

Collected by the Lincoln Unruh descendants. More than 300 recipes covering a wide range of food preparation. 226 pages; paper with wire spiral binding; Unruh.

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Eastgate Eatables & Tidbits

Collections from the girl at the Winnipeg Children’s Home. 194 pages of recipes for any occasion. Coil bound; Coralee Warkentin and Sandra Barkman.

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Grandma’s Fried Chicken

A collection of recipes by the Otis and Manda Unruh Family of Central Kansas. This book includes a lot of old-fashioned recipes. One section features recipes from around the world. Another is dedicated to recipes used at Emmy Lou’s Bake … Read More

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The Peters Family Cookbook

Compiled in memory of August and Fannie Peters. 368 pages of recipes for all occasions. Coil-bound.

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We Be Cookin’

Over 900 recipes, both old and new, from the Menno Wiebe family. This cookbook includes a detailed canning section, many recipes for your sweet tooth, and recipes with adjustments for cooking at higher altitude. Interwoven is a Menno Wiebe keepsake … Read More

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A Dash of Spice

A collection of recipes by the Banach family. Glenn Banach grew up in Massachusetts and is of Polish and Italian descent, his wife Joyce is from a traditional Mennonite family. Living in Nigeria as missionaries and in Dodge City, Kansas, … Read More

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Buffalo Creek Legacies

A recipe collection of the Jonas P. Bender family. Approximately 900 recipes for all occasions. 380 pages, 3-ring binder. Published by the Bender family.

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Be My Guest

Compiled by the ladies of the West Point congregation in Mississippi, this book contains 154 pages of recipes; some with a southern style of cooking. Hardcover with plastic comb binding.

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Whatcha Cookin?

A collection of recipes from the Reiferd Nichols family. 332 pages; spiral-bound; Nichols.

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Recipes to Remember

208 pages of recipes compiled by the Brooksville Mennonite Church. Paper with plastic spiral binding.

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