I Survived: Five Epic Disasters

Lauren Tarshis. This book contains true stories of survival written for older children and young teens. Many adults will also enjoy reading these stories. Included are: “The Children’s Blizzard, 1888”; “The Titanic Disaster, 1912”; “The Great Boston Molasses Flood, 1919”; “The … Read More

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Little Pilgrim’s Progress

John Bunyan; rewritten by Helen R. Taylor. Written in modern English on a child’s level. Christian is represented as a boy. A very good book for children to read—captivating and inspiring. 256 pages; paper; Moody Press.

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Old Mother West Wind

Thornton Burgess. Beloved children’s classic offers warm, whimsical stories about Billy Mink’s swimming party, Little Joe Otter’s slippery slide, Reddy Fox’s fishing expedition, why Grandfather Frog has no tail, other exciting tales. Gentle lessons about nature and wildlife combined with … Read More

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Peter Cottontail

Thornton Burgess. One of the most beloved characters in children’s literature, Peter Cottontail is up to his long-whiskered nose in rib-tickling escapades in this delightful classic. With gentle charm and humor, famed storyteller Thornton W. Burgess draws young readers into … Read More

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Red, Yellow, Black, & White

Children are naturally sympathetic toward those who live in unfortunate circumstances. This book, with its poetic narrative and bright pictures, will spark sympathy and help North American children understand that they live in much better conditions than most children around … Read More

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The Courage of Sarah Noble

Alice Dalgliesch. In 1707, young Sarah Nobel and her ­father traveled through the wilderness to build a new home for their family. “Keep up your courage, Sarah Noble,” her mother had said, but Sarah found that it was not always … Read More

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The Next Fine Day

Elizabeth Yates. Kent calls himself “Nobody.” He belongs nowhere, until he meets an artist with a heart full of wonderful stories—stories that help Kent understand not only where he belongs but also who he is. Ages 9-12. 122 pages, paper; … Read More

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Tracks at the Johnsons

Wilma Martin. A family suddenly finds a set of strange tracks on their farm, and animals begin disappearing. The Johnsons face this problem and other situations normal to a growing family. For older children. 144 pages; paper; Martin.

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What Do You Find on a Saguaro Cactus

Megan Kopp. Nicely illustrated book for young children, describing the desert and the different living and non-living things that make up a saguaro cactus ecosystem. Preschool to age 10; 24 pages; paperback; Crabtree Publishing Co.

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Alone in London

Hesba Stretton. Meet Tony, who has been on his own in London, and his new friends, old Oliver and little Dolly. Find out how words can hurt and words can save, and see how God cares for all people. 128 … Read More

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