Teddy’s Tornado

Teddy lived with his mother in little house in Georgia. In the evenings they ate popcorn and played Memory. But one day a tornado tumbled his house and smashed his bike! They lived with a neighbor for a while, and Mommy was sad. But one day they met some Christian people who said they would help them build a new house! 53 pages; hardcover; Christian Light Publications.

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The Arrowhead

For many years, an arrowhead lay buried in the soil of an Indiana farm. The native who had shot it was long forgotten. Decades and generations came and went, and it was left hidden and untouched. Then came Ted, praying and searching for an arrowhead like those his sisters had found. History comes alive through this beautifully Illustrated tale.

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The Phantom Deer

The story of a man, a boy, and a Key deer–an endangered species of miniature deer found in the Florida Keys. Hickey does not appreciate visitors to the Keys, and he is uneasy when his great-nephew Jack comes to visit. … Read More

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The Titanic Tragedy: Stories from the Mighty Titanic

Each chapter in this book is a story from the tragic sinking of the Titanic. The author uses this account to draw a parallel theme to Christian life and eternal destiny. This book is a plea to the reader to come to God before it is too late.

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Trapped in the Tunnel

The Brady Street Boys, book 1. Terry, Gary, and Larry aged 14, 13 & 12, love their maple tree, their boat called the London, and the friendly St. Joseph River. One day they learn there might be a secret tunnel along the river, which they set out to find. Along the way they meet a grumpy neighbor, a homeless person, and a smooth-talking crook. Paperback; 199 pages.

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Wilderness Champion

The Story of a Great Hound. When Johnny lost the best hound pup of the litter on the trail leading to his ranger’s cabin high in the Alberta peaks, he almost gave up hope of finding it. Then a wilderness adventure brought the hound back to his master and Reddy became the greatest hunting hound in the whole north country. 195 pages; paperback. Note instances of inappropriate language on pages 87, 97, 125, and 192.

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Winter Days in the Big Woods

Winter is coming! Pa, Ma, and the girls work hard to store up food. Once the snow flies they are snug and warm in their little log house. Adapted from Little House in the Big Woods. A book for young children with more illustrations than text. 32 pages; paperback; HarperCollins.

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Canadian Inventors

Maxine Trottier. Read the true stories of five amazing Canadians whose inventions changed the world. Paper; Scholastic Canada.

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Flicka, Ricka, Dicka and the Little Dog

Maj Lindman; lower-grade. The girls heard a sound outside the front door. There in a puddle of water sat a small dog. Would they be able to keep him? Hardcover; Albert Whitman & Company.

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Flicka, Ricka, Dicka and the Strawberries

Maj Lindman; lower. Flicka, Ricka, and Dicka are going wild strawberry picking. Mother will pay them for every basket they gather. They walk and pick until their baskets are overflowing, but soon they are lost, tired, and thirsty. Hardcover; 32 … Read More

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