Flicka, Ricka, Dicka and the Three Kittens

Maj Lindman. Mitzi is lost! What will Aunt Helga say? Then they find the lost cat and three beautiful kittens. Hardcover; Albert Whitman & Company.

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Mystery Behind the Wall

Gertrude Chandler Warner. Summer vacation has begun and Benny thinks it will be boring. He decides to ask his friend Rory to spend a summer with him. They unfold a complex mystery dating back many years. Paper; Whitman.

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Mystery Ranch

Gertrude Chandler Warner. This book is from the Boxcar Children series. Great-aunt Jane needs help on her ranch. The Alden children go west to live with her on the ranch. Uranium is found on the ranch, bringing many problems and … Read More

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Ben Carson

Janet and Geoff Benge. Young Ben Carson had a tough start in life. His mother’s motto was to always do your best, and she taught Ben and his brother that reading books was the way to learn. Through some difficult … Read More

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Thomas Edison

Janet & Geoff Benge. This book tells the story of Thomas Edison’s life, from when he was a young lad inadvisably playing with fire until he became a renowned inventor. This well-researched book tells the story without covering up his … Read More

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Lost in the Barrens

Farley Mowat. When Awasin and Jamie’s canoe is destroyed by the rapids, they must face the wilderness with no food and no hope of rescue. To survive, they build an igloo, battle a grizzly bear, track several wolves, and slaughter … Read More

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The Sign of the Beaver

Elizabeth George Speare. Until the day his father returns to their cabin in the Maine wilderness, twelve-year-old Matt must try to survive on his own. Although Matt is brave, he is not prepared for an attack by swarming bees, and … Read More

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Amos Fortune Free Man

Elizabeth Yates. Amos Fortune was born the son of a king in At-mun-shi tribe in Africa. When Amos was fifteen years old, he was captured by slave traders and brought to Massachusetts, where he was sold at an auction. Although … Read More

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