Clouds of War

The early morning quiet of the Ephrata Cloister was interrupted by soldiers seeking paper. Paper? Yes, paper to use as gun wadding! General Washington needs it. Oh, the paradox – 500 copies of unbound Martyrs Mirror, the great book about peace and suffering for Christ, hauled away to be used in carnal warfare! This book makes the story come alive for children. 53 pages; paperback.

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Flowers for Grandma and Other Stories

A collection of stories for small children based on true happenings. The stories teach obedience, prayer, kindness, and good character. 112 pages; paperback.

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Forever with the Lord

What would it be like to be an Anabaptist? Ursula is full of questions. Yet she sees the joy that is evident in the lives of her sister and her sister’s husband. How can she know what is right? In this interesting work of historical fiction, we get a glimpse into the story of Michael Sattler and the Anabaptists of his time. 172 pages; paperback; TGS International.

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Good-Bye Kansas, Hello Louisiana

This is an account of long ago, way back in 1949. Mary was one of nine children in a happy family living in Kansas. But Daddy was sick. He couldn’t handle the cold winters. “You must move south!” the doctor … Read More

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Hand in Hand

Martha is Hellen Keller’s constant companion- the one who communicates with her the best. But it’s not easy keeping Helen out of trouble. Her parents let her do as she pleases, and Martha finds herself sometimes bullied, sometimes a partner in mischief, sometimes a rescuer…. And always a servant. Can two such girls ever really be friends? What will happen when the new teacher, Anne comes? Paperback, 124 pages.

Proofreader’s note: There is one instance of inappropriate language on page 4.

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Humpy the Moose

Forest Friends Series #1. Little Humpy the Moose comes into the world as a long-legged baby who needs to be hidden from enemies. But each day he learns more and grows fast. At about one year old he must make … Read More

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The pride of his owner, Mustang was stolen by a wandering cowboy and traded from hand to hand. Trapped by horse hunters and chased by cowboys eager for his capture, he finally rejoined his owner in a desperate race with a blizzard. 186 pages; paperback.

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Polly’s Birthday Party

Polly has a birthday, and Sparkle the donkey is right in the middle of everything. Does Sparkle like ice-cream cones? A few children, an eager donkey, and a poor cart can quickly bring excitement to children and parents. A Happy Day Farm Series book. 32 pages; hardcover

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Pulling Together

It was a heartbreaking loss! The Brigg’s barn had burned down. The neighbors would help them rebuild, but with the loss of feed and extra expenses Father felt he would need to sell one of the horses. But Matthew can’t stand the thought of parting with either Ben or Dolly. Then he thinks of a plan! Will it work? 135 pages; paperback.

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Secret at Pheasant Cottage

Lucy has lived with Gran and Grandpa since she was quite young, but she has faint memories of someone else. Who? What are her grandparents hiding? Lucy is determined to find the answer, but is she ready to know the … Read More

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