Anak, the Eskimo Boy

Piet Prins. Anak and his family live near the Coronation Gulf. He experiences both adventure and danger as he learns to hunt seals, caribou, and walrus. As he confronts the challenges of Eskimo life, including accidentally drifting out to sea … Read More

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Anita and the Driftwood House

Margaret A. Epp. Ten-year-old Anita is moving with her parents to the orchard country of Nova Scotia because her father is ill and unable to work. Her world is impacted by an orphan boy, boisterous cousins, and an old “wanderer” … Read More

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The Basket of Flowers

This story takes place in Germany during the era of the castles. Mary and her good father James live in a small cottage near the castle. James is a gardener while Mary works for the Countess in the castle. Mary’s … Read More

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Behind Mr. Bunyan

Agnes Beaumont. Agnes, a young girl, tells the story of her growing faith as she attends John Bunyan’s church. At the same time, she faces opposition from her own family. She is willing to take a stand for Christ, though … Read More

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A Charge to Keep

Isabella Macdonald Alden. Reuben Watson Stone stood shivering in the cold December wind. Even though work was hard to find, his widowed mother and sister depended on him to be the man in charge of the house. He’d do anything … Read More

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Choice Stories for Children

A reprint of the original book, compiled in 1949. Each of these 38 stories contains a good lesson and helps build strong character. Children enjoy good stories, and these stories never grow old. 144 pages; paper; AB Publishing.

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Driven into Exile, A Story of the Huguenots

Charlotte Tucker. A story set during the late seventeenth century, this book follows the lives of two Huguenot families. Losing all to remain constant in their faith, the La Force family flees to Britain, while the Duval family remains in … Read More

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Dusty: The Story of a Wild Dog

Thomas C. Hinkle. When Dusty the wolfhound pup is only nine days old a freak accident separates him from his mother. He is adopted by a she-wolf named Old Gray. Old Gray tries to instill in Dusty the fear of … Read More

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A. Van der Jagt. The Huguenot Inheritance Series No. 1. The account of three Huguenot children fleeing the Romanists and persecution. Based on historical facts. They encounter many hardships and difficulties in their escape to Holland and ­religious freedom. Paper; … Read More

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Harebell’s Friend

Amy Le Feuvre. This is a delightful story about a young girl named Harebell. As an orphan she came to live with her aunt. Her aunt doesn’t like children and would rather send her off to a boarding school. Ages 9-12. 140 pages; paper; … Read More

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