A Home at Last

Marilyn Friesen. The year is 1943, and amidst the toil, pain and anguish of a country torn apart by war, God is watching over one small family. Follow this true story of faith and providence as two orphaned siblings find … Read More

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Honesty the Best Policy

Ten character-building stories reinforcing old-fashioned values and principles. Young Advent Pilgrim’s Bookshelf.

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Indian Captive: The Story of Mary Jemison

Lois Lenski. Twelve-year-old Mary Jemison lived on her family’s farm in eastern Pennsylvania. Her life changed forever when she was captured by a band of Indian warriors. Based on a true story, here is the unforgettable tale of the legendary … Read More

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Ink on His Fingers

Louise A. Vernon. The story of the first printing of the Bible with movable type. Twelve-year-old Hans is an apprentice to Johann Gutenberg. Historical fiction for ages 9-14. 127 pages; paper; Greenleaf Press.

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Jessica’s First Prayer and Jessica’s Mother

Hesba Stretton. This sad story begins in nineteenth century London, where poverty-stricken children had to fend for themselves. Jessica had no father or mother. Daniel, a coffee vendor, showed her a little kindness and offered her food once a week. … Read More

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The King’s Daughter and Other Stories for Girls

A book of 46 character-building stories for girls. These stories were originally published in church ­papers of yesteryear. Carefully selected, each story contains a valuable lesson. 224 pages; paper; AB Publishing.

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Edith J. Agnew. Grandma Riley is kind but spunky for her age, and she knows something about almost everything that has happened in the town since it began. She really is Larry’s great-grandma. Freckle-faced Larry and his best friend, Chesty, … Read More

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Lion Hound

Jim Kjelgaard. Set in the wild rimrock country of Arizona, this gripping tale will thrill boys of any age. Johnny Torrington and his grandfather, together with the finest lion hound pack around, are on the track of a vicious mountain … Read More

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Little Journeys into Storyland

Here are 43 stories that will liven and lift. Inspiring and interesting – these stories contain important lessons in character building. 235 pages; hardcover; AB Publishing.

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Little Meg’s Children

Hesba Stretton. This story is set in London’s slums. Amidst poverty and trouble, Meg’s faith in God is tested. She tries to keep her mother’s dying request, one of which is to care for her siblings until her sailor father … Read More

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