Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie

Peter and Connie Roop. Teenager Abbie Burgess lives on Matinicus Rock with her family. Her father, Captain Burgess, is the lighthouse keeper on this small island miles out from the mainland. In January 1856, Captain Burgess sails to the mainland … Read More

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Louis Pasteur

John Hudson Tiner; upper. Too often scientists build their theories upon wild speculation or unfounded assumptions. Many new ideas turn out to be dead ends. They neither advance science nor improve daily life. Can science really change the world? Yes, … Read More

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My Grampy Can’t Walk

Vanita Oelschlager. Grampy can’t walk anymore because of multiple sclerosis, but this does not keep him from having fun with his grandchildren! Colorful pictures and rhyming words are sure to hold a young child’s interest. Paper; Vanita Books, LLC.

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Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

Kate and Eric Wiggin. The story of a young girl who lives on a small parcel of the Maine countryside called Sunnybrook Farm. She is an outgoing person and the experiences surrounding her life are adventurous. Paper; Bethel Publication.

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Ringo Saves the Day

Andrew Clements. The little orange kitten that Carol brought home is now a big cat. One day Carol & Ray were feeling sick and sleepy, but Ringo jumped at the door and made noise. So Carol took him out. Once … Read More

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Samuel F. B. Morse

John Hudson Tiner. The age of instant communication was ushered in by Morse and his invention of the telegraph. The story follows Morse’s life through his career as an artist, his involvement in the invention of photography, and ­finally, the … Read More

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Dick and Jane: Something Funny

Dick and Jane see something funny. Come and see Spot! Have fun with Dick and Jane as you read along with this sweet and simple story.

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Ten Girls Who Made a Difference

Read the outstanding stories of ten girls who made a difference in the world. Paper; Christian Focus.

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Ten Mile Day

Mary Ann Fraser. In April of 1869, the transcontinental railroad was nearing completion. Central Pacific, the company that built the western portion of track, attempted to beat the previous record and build ten miles of track in one day. This … Read More

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The Great Pyramid

This colorful book explains life in ancient Egypt and tells the story of the building of the Great Pyramid. It touches on the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians, explains how the Pharoah had so much power, and tells why the Great Pyramid was built. 48 pages; paperback; Mikaya Press

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