Un cordón de tres dobleces

A Threefold Cord (Spanish). In this book about marriage and the home, God’s plan for husband-wife relationships is taught in a clear, interesting manner. Included are chapters about preparing for marriage; the beginnings of a happy home; the husband’s role … Read More

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La Biblia y sus grandes historias: 101 historias

La Biblia y sus grandes historias – 101 Historias Dra. Connie Palm. 101 Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments with full-color illustrations. Hardcover; 208 pages; Unilit.

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Siete Necesidades Básicas del Niño

(Seven Things Children Need) John M. Drescher. The seven things addressed in this book are significance, security, ­acceptance, love, praise, discipline, and God. Helpful to parents, the material is presented clearly in an interesting, easy-to-read way. 128 pages; paper; Casa … Read More

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La Vida Exitosa

(Successful Living) This is a study of Bible-based economic and lifestyle principles for group study or personal contemplation. The 27 chapters contain advice for all ages, with many discussion questions sprinkled throughout. Topics covered include attitudes, self-discipline, work ethics, family … Read More

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Historias Favoritas de la Biblia

(101 Favorite Stories from the Bible) Ura Miller. A Bible story book with Bible stories simply and clearly told and color illustrations. 222 pages; hardcover; TGS International.

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En el Vientre de la Ballena

(In the Whale’s Belly) James Lowry. Stories retold from the Martyrs Mirror of believers who were imprisoned and suf-fered for their faith. 121 pages; paper; Lamp and Light

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El Progreso del Peregrino Ilustrado

(Pilgrim’s Progress Illustrated) John Bunyan. With illustrations. 254 pages; paper; Kregel.

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El Martir de las Catacumbas

(Martyr of the Catacombs) In this tale of ancient Rome, a young Roman soldier is assigned to find and arrest Christians. This exciting record reveals the sacrifice of early Christians and the impression they made on Roman minds. 159 pages; … Read More

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Conversion, Consagracion, y Servicio Cristiano

(Conversion, Consecration, and Christlike Service) Marjorie Hiebert. Written and dedicated to youth, encouraging greater service and dedication to the Master, but is a beneficial message for any age. 93 pages; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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25 Historias Favoritas de la Biblia

(25 Favorite Stories from the Bible) Ura Miller. An inexpensive Bible story book for giving away. 56 pages; paper; TGS International.

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