The Lost Children

A gripping saga of a young family living in Ohio’s woody frontier. One evening young Willie and Mary went to bring home the cows, but, unable to locate them, they wandered deep into the woods where they spent the night. … Read More

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Lost Gip

Hesba Stretton. Little Gipsy is Sandy’s adored baby sister. Left to themselves, Sandy and Gip become inseparable, until the day little Gip is lost. Sandy’s searches all over London are fruitless. He meets lame Johnny Shafto, who befriends him, gives … Read More

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The Man in Bearskin

J. Keuning; rewritten by Cobie Bos. A delightful story of the early settlers of Holland, Michigan. Who is the man in bearskin? God’s wonderful ways and forgiveness are depicted. 130 pages; paper; AB Publishing.

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Mary Jones and Her Bible

Mary Ropes. This is the true story of a little girl who lived in North Wales. She was born in 1784 to parents who were very poor. What she wanted most was a Bible. For six years she worked and … Read More

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Moni The Goat Boy

Johanna Spyri. Moni is faced with a terrible decision. If he is honest, his dearest goat, Meggy, will die. When he is dishonest and saves Meggy, his conscience is troubled. Learn how Moni regains his cheerful, happy spirit. This book … Read More

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Paula the Waldensian

Eva Lecomte. An interesting story of a family in Old France. Paula has been brought up to love the Lord Jesus and to read the Scriptures. Later, she is orphaned and moves into her cousins’ home where reading the Bible … Read More

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A Peep Behind the Scenes

Mrs. O.F. Walton. Rosalie’s family is in the entertainment business, and this story depicts life behind the scenes. The people for whom they perform know nothing of Rosalie’s sick mother, the wretched home, the insufficient food, nor of the bitter … Read More

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Probable Sons

Amy Le Feuvre. When orphaned Milly comes to live with her uncle, confirmed bachelor Sir Edward, his life is changed. As she entertains him with Bible stories, he becomes very attached to her and eventually is ready to admit that … Read More

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Velma Craven Meyer. After a tornado destroys much of the wooded area around their home, the Meyers discover a baby robin among the mess. They decide to call the little bird Robby. Robby lives an amazing 26 years, migrating south … Read More

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Shep: A Collie of the Old West

Shep was the kind of collie that ranchers are always proud to own – big and powerful, great-hearted and intelligent. A few men had been clever enough to catch him but Shep always got away – he didn’t like their brand of hospitality. Then, one day, Shep was trapped in a deep pit and rescued by a little boy… An excellent book for children. Paperback, 224 pages.

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