He was a beautiful sight, the pure white colt with long, silver mane and tail streaming in the wind. He could run faster than all the other colts in the wild herd. Charlie Barr was determined to have the wild colt for his very own. “I must hurry and get my brand on him before some other feller does!” Charlie said. That would not be so easy, and after being captured once, Silver got his freedom again. He lived an adventurous life before Charlie finally got him back. 245 pages; paperback; Lone Oak Books. Proofreader’s note: There are some instances of inappropriate language on pages 109, 181, 188, and 191.

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Sissy Kid Brother

Thirteen-year-old Ken hires on as a cook for his father’s custom harvesting crew. You will enjoy reading about his awkward cooking disasters, a race with a tornado, and a night ride with two robbers. 236 pages; paperback; ages 9-15.

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Stories Worth Rereading

These 73 stories have good lessons and character-building themes for children and youth. There are stories relating incidents in history, missionary efforts, and home and school experiences. These stories will inspire, instruct, and entertain the readers. 328 pages; ­paper; AB … Read More

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Swift Arrow

Josephine Cunnington Edwards. George Boylan, a young pioneer boy in the 1700s, is captured by native Americans and raised as the son of a mighty chief. He spends his time learning the ways of the natives and yearning for the … Read More

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Teddy’s Button

Amy Le Feuvre. The story of a little boy who wants to be a soldier like his father. Teddy’s most prized possession is a button from his father’s uniform. His pride and inclination for mischief create a conflict when he … Read More

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The Red Roan Pony

The red roan pony had a pretty gray circus pony for a mother and a wild roan mustang for a father. He was full of speed and grace and sense, and had a real love for the young people who loved him so much! Read about races on the prairie and a thrilling fox hunt. Will be enjoyed by animal lovers everywhere! 320 pages; paperback; AB Publishing

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The Wolf King

High in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, a lively black wolf pup was born. Early in life he had close encounters with man but miraculously escaped. He grew into a mighty 200 pound leader of a pack, and he came to be called the king. His cunning and power seemed almost limitless! Young people will enjoy this thrilling tale of the wilderness and the wild animals and hardy men that inhabit it. 246 pages; paperback; AB Publishing.

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Theo, the Big Brother

I. T. Thurston. After years of hard work, struggle, and giving himself to the needs of others, Theodore Bryan’s heart overflows as he anticipates the years to come preaching the gospel to those poor needy souls—just like the Bishop. But … Read More

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Tiger and Tom and Other Stories for Boys

This book is a collection of 34 stories that were originally published in church papers of yesteryear. They have been carefully selected, and each story contains a valuable lesson for children. 224 pages; paper; AB publishing.

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Tornado Boy: A Horse of the West

Thomas C. Hinkle. Out of the old West comes this story of a fine blue roan horse, naturally endowed with a gentle spirit and keen sense. A young ranch hand, Jim, rescues Tornado Boy from the quicksand, only to lose … Read More

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